iStrat is a Management, Technology & Research Consulting company, founded by a highly experienced & qualified team-predominantly consisting of alumni of top US (Ivy Leagues-Columbia University, New York; Cornell University, Ithaca; University of California, Irvine etc.) & Indian Universities-Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT's) & National Institutes of Technology (NIT's) and Professional Institutes (ICAI, DMA, IIIE)-focusing on strategic consulting & streamlining Enterprise Business and Technology Processes using Technology Enabled Solutions and providing research & development services.

iStrat has defined its focus as Business Process Automation (BPA). This focus has taken shape in the form of the Business Process Automation Initiative (BPAI). BPAI is a joint global initiative taken in alliance with some its strategic partners from US, South Korea, Europe and Japan. BPAI aims to provide a complete suite of consulting services and solutions in the area of Business Process Automation through Technology.